Hello world, goodbye Twitter.

I’ve deleted my Twitter account.  After two years I finally had to acknowledge that I just don’t get it.  What the hell is point of Twitter?  Stephen Fry has apparently abandoned his millions of followers (again) after some people were nasty to him.  Personally I would have been happy with any kind of reaction at all.  It seems to me that, unless you are a celebrity, everyone is tweeting and nobody is listening.

My epiphany came on a long haul flight when the stewardess handed me one of those little sachets of milk that you pour into your coffee.  Mid-atlantic boredom led me to examine the packaging.  They are called DairyStix, a product of Freshways Dairystix Ltd.



Dairystix are clearly a modern, forward-thinking company, wise to the importance of engaging the public through social media and their packaging invited me to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Bored as I was, I looked out over the endless sea of cloud and tried to imagine just how empty my life would have to be before I followed the manufacturer of DairyStix on Twitter.  But when I got home and checked, I found that DairyStix had more followers than me.

Therefore I quit and advise everyone to do the same.  Twitter is hemorrhaging users and burning cash at an unfathomable pace.  They’ll be lucky to last another year.

DairyStix meanwhile, may last a little longer.  They haven’t tweeted anything in the last two years and are presumably focused on the task of efficiently pouring milk into little plastic sachets – something which is likely to be a far more profitable use of their time in the long run.