Lunch at Delilah’s

2016-07-24 12.37.05-1

Delilah’s is one of my favorite lunch spots right now.  It’s such a glorious space and even if you have to wait for a table there is plenty to occupy yourself with – grazing through the cheese, olives and charcuterie samples on the ground floor.

Doing just that, I once overheard a couple speaking to a member of staff and saying, “We’ve just moved up from London.  We came in here and we thought – Thank God!”  I know exactly what they mean.  In London every neighborhood has it’s Delilah’s but in Nottingham nothing else comes close.

The sheer range and quality of products on display speaks of a magnificent obsession with food somewhere behind the scenes at Delilah’s.

It can be pricey, my salad below was £10.  But it’s all about the quality of the ingredients and you just won’t find this stuff anywhere else in town.

Honey Glazed Chorizo salad with chickpea croutons.

Honey Glazed Chorizo salad with chickpea croutons. rating 8/10 dined at their own expense.