Moving on – George’s

Well summer is finally here and there is no point in moping and griping about Brexit.  Whatever form it takes, it’s on its way and there is no alternative but to make the best of it.  So on a warm evening, in a slightly ironic spirit we went out for some Great British Fish and Chips at George’s on Queen Street.

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It’s a fabulous building and was packed out on a Tuesday night so we took seats at the bar and made an in-depth study of Gin from their excellent drinks menu until a table became available.

George’s makes all the right noises about quality ingredients and a passion for excelling in their chosen niche and as far as I’m concerned it all rings true.  This was fish and chips as it was meant to be – fresh, simple, unpretentious and wholesome.

George’s is a reminder that the iconic staples of the British repertoire – Fish and Chips, Full English Breakfast, Roast Beef etc. can be truly great dishes when treated with respect.

Classic George's Squid

Classic George’s Squid

After these wonderfully tender and perfectly cooked squid rings my phone’s battery died, exhausted from hunting Pokémon, and I was unable to photograph the main event.  But you’ve all seen haddock and chips before. rating 9/10 dined at their own expense.